May 15, 2006

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Online Edition – May 2006

Vol. XII, No. 3

Table of Contents

News & Views: What Did Judas Do? | Judas “Beyond Patching” | Pope, New Coptic Patriarch Reaffirm “Full Communion” | Ecclesia Dei Commission – New Cardinal Members

Bishops to Vote on Mass Translation — ICEL Texts for Order of Mass, Amendments, US Adaptations slated for action at June meeting of USCCB — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Procedures for Liturgy Actions at June Meeting

Vatican "Observations" on Inclusive language"(from 2002)

God and Man in the New Catechism Compendium — Reflections on “Generic Man” — by Father Ralph Wright, OSB

Scripture as the Place of God’s Hope-instilling Power — From A New Song for the Lord — by Pope Benedict XVI

Church Document: Domus Ecclesiae

A Choir Director’s Lament on Lyrics for Liturgy — What the heck are they singing? — by Lucy Carroll

Readers’ Forum: Tabernacle, Recorded Music | Hand-washing | Liturgical Dance | Corpus on Good Friday? | Words and Terms | Latin/English | About Saturday Wedding Masses | Audibility

Catechism — On the Priest’s Role at Mass

Holy Week at Monreale — Foundation for Liturgical Piety — by Fr. Romano Guardini



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