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Mar 15, 2006

Table of Contents

Online Edition – March 2006, Vol. XII, No. 1

Table of Contents

News & Views — Vatican Events to Mark Anniversary of John Paul II’s Death| Liturgy Conference to Honor Pope John Paul II | Catechism Compendium Published in English | Two New Cardinals for US Makes Three from LA

Retrieving "A Treasure of Inestimable Value" — The Bishops’ Subcommittee on Music and the Directory of Music for Use in the Liturgy — by Susan Benofy

Selected Quotes on Sacred Song 1963-2003

Bible Babel — by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

The Footwashing — Jesus Christ Establishes the New Covenant Before Calvary — by The Rev. Msgr. Anthony A. LaFemina

Scripture as the Place of God’s Hope — Instilling Power — Pope Benedict XVI

A Hymn for LentNunc tempus acceptabile

Readers Forum — US Bishops Set the Tone | Bishops’ Liturgy Discussion | More on Bishops’ Discussion | About Et Cum Spiritu Tuo | RSV & KJV | Lectionary Choice? | Liturgy of the Hours at Mass | A Meditation Song? | Marian Hymns at Mass | Hand-holding and Orans Posture

Nothing Ordinary about this Time — by George Weigel


Jesus Dies on the Cross

Lord Jesus Christ,
At the hour of your death the sun was darkened.
Ever anew you are being nailed to the Cross.
At this present hour of history we are living in God’s darkness.
Through your great sufferings and the wickedness of men,
the face of God, your face, seems obscured, unrecognizable.
And yet, on the Cross, you have revealed yourself.
Precisely by being the one who suffers and loves, you are exalted.
From the Cross on high you have triumphed.
Help us to recognize your face at this hour of darkness and tribulation.
Help us to believe in you and to follow you
in our hour of darkness and need.
Show yourself once more to the world at this hour.
Reveal to us your salvation.

Pope Benedict XVI (Cardinal Ratzinger)
Prayer at the Twelfth Station
Colosseum Stations of the Cross – Good Friday, 2005



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