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Sep 15, 2005

Table of Contents

Online Edition – September 2005

Vol. XI, No. 6

Icon copyright Msgr. La Femina 2005

The Eucharist: Sacrifice Banquet of the New Covenant

Monsignor Anthony La Femina, iconographer

Table of Contents

Bishop Asks for Correction, Context — Bishop Donald Trautman asked that we correct a quotation that appeared in the sidebar on page 3 of the June 2005 issue… — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

The Top Ten Catholic Hymns — The question what are the top ten Catholic Hymns was raised in the AB Readers’ Forum…. — by Lucy Carroll, Plus AB Readers’ Top 10

In the Year of the Eucharist: A Personal Memoir — "We sometimes fail to understand how powerful the liturgy is in forming our understanding of the faith. We forget that actions do speak louder than words." — by Anthony Corvaia

Vox Clara: Reviews ICEL Draft; Issues Manual for Missal Translation — A Translation Manual to guide the translation of English-language liturgical texts was presented to and approved by the Holy See… — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

The Eucharist: Sacrifice Banquet of the New Covenant — Icon and Explanation — by Msgr. Anthony La Femina

News & Views — “The Medina Years” Focus of Liturgy Conference | Synod Working Document Includes Problems, Proposals for Correction | Liturgical Institute Schedules Spring 2006 Conference | Sacred Music Colloquium Held at CUA

Donors, Memorials – Memorial to Calvert Shenk — Mr. Shenk worked on the Adoremus Hymnal, he died July 9, 2005.

Readers’ ForumSeptember 2005 — May a Priest Celebrate Alone? | Reverence in Receiving Communion | Lineamenta Questions | Purifying Vessels | Adoremus Hymnal Query | Douay Bible? | Ritual Blessings | AB Is Patronizing | Adoremus Oversimplifies | More on pro multis | Alter “Christ Has Died…”? | Sikh and Catholic? | Politicians and Communion


O Cross of Christ, immortal tree,
On which our Savior died,
The world is sheltered by your arms
That bore the Crucified.

O faithful Cross, you stand unmoved
While ages run their course;
Foundation of the universe,
Creation’s binding force.

Give Glory to the Risen Christ
And to His Cross give praise
The Sign of God’s unfathomed love,
The Hope of all our days.

Hymn from the Liturgy of the Hours
The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, September 14



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