May 15, 2005

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– May 2005


Vol. XI, No. 3


Table of Contents


Benedict, the Bear, and the Shell: Explanation of the Pope’s Name and Symbolism in the Papal Coat of Arms

by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Liturgical Norms and Liturgical Piety

by Cardinal Francis Arinze

Knees to Love Christ by Bishop Thomas Olmsted

Homily at the Mass for the Election of the Roman Pontiff

— St. Peter’s Basilica – April 18, 2005 — Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger


Pope Benedict XVI – First Message to the College of Cardinals – April 20, 2005 — A Pope of Christ, Communion, Collegiality

“A Language by its Nature Universal, Immutable, Non-vernacular”, Thoughts about teaching Latin today in a theological institute by Andrei Gotia

My First Year with the Eucharist by Carolyn Foster

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– May 2005

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