Feb 15, 2005

Adoremus Makes a Move…

Online Edition – February 2005
Vol. X No. 10
Adoremus Makes a Move…

The new year 2005 began with major change and promise for Adoremus. For the first time in our history, Adoremus and our "sister" organization, Women for Faith & Family, has a proper office. Since the inception of Women for Faith & Family in 1984 (and for Adoremus’s shorter history, now approaching ten years), our "offices" have been in our homes. As our work has expanded greatly, so has our need for space.

During the past year we have consolidated all our operations in the same location, for the first time. This is more efficient, to be sure; but when we added a new employee this past fall (bringing the number of full-time employees up to a whopping total of four!), we realized that we could no longer continue in the increasingly cramped partial-basement office, and began an intense search for an office to rent.

After several months, we finally found a spot that appeared to be perfect for us, about three miles away from where we have been. Through the generosity of many people (including those of you who made special donations for the move!), in December we were able to sign a lease on the new building (really, an old building, a former grocery store in a residential neighborhood built in the late 1920s) and begin preparations for our first move just before Christmas. Donated office cubicles and desks were installed. Electric and phone connections were put in place.

We also had to upgrade computer equipment, which is still being connected, tweaked, and fine-tuned. And we had an uncomfortable week of "down-time" from the internet and e-mail at the new office, though the phones made a seamless transition.

The momentous project of actually shifting all our operations came in the first week in January. As we go to press (mid-January) movers have just carried in the last of the filing cabinets and other furniture, and cartons upon cartons of books and reference material from our old office. In a few days, we hope the plumbing will be connected, too!

We’re using creative "work-arounds" to get this issue of AB to press.

We will have new software to learn for our publishing and internet projects — and the learning curve will be fairly steep for most of us. But we are hopeful that we will be better able to do what we do, and that we can take on new projects that have been on the "back burner" for a long time.

Thankfully, the new office is close enough that all contact information will remain the same (see the masthead).

Again, we are deeply grateful to the generous souls who have made this great step possible. And we ask for your prayers.

The Adoremus Staff

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