Online Edition – April – May 2004


Vol. X No. 2-3

Design for Oakland Cathedral

A proposed design for the new cathedral in Oakland, by Domiane Forte, a graduate student of architecture at Notre Dame University. Through its warm color and traditional style, the design symbolizes the contrast — both spiritual and physical — that distingushes the Church from the colorless, modernist urban landscape that surrounds it — in order to “proclaim the Glory of God.” This effect is heightened by the cathedral’s reflection in nearby Lake Merritt.

(The actual design for Oakland’s “Cathedral of Light”, by Craig Hartman, scheduled for completion in 2007, is typical late 20th century abstract composition of tall vertical white slabs and glass. It is said to resemble a bishops’ mitre, will have an oval interior and a central altar.)

To view more of Mr. Forte’s work, visit his web site, broken link 6/24/2005

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