Feb 15, 2004

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. IX, No. 10: February 2004

Table of Contents

Apostolic Letter Observes the 40th Anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium The Spirit and the BrideOn December 4, 2003, the fortieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, Pope John Paul II issued an Apostolic Letter on the Liturgy, Spiritus et sponsa (The Spirit and the Bride). The complete text of the Vatican’s English translation of the Apostolic Letter appears here. Many of the documents referenced in this Letter are available on the Adoremus web site, www.adoremus.org, Church Documents section.

News – Views Montreal Manifesto: "Sacred Meals", Not Mass — Promoting Liberal Liturgists "central to NCR’s mission" — UK Liturgy Official: Recent Changes Not in the "Spirit of the Council" — Corrections

On Sacred Music: Pope John Paul II’s Letter on the 100th anniversary of Pope Pius X’s document on music — The centenary anniversary of [Pope Saint Pius X’s motu proprio on sacred music, Tra le sollecitudini] offers me occasion to recall the important function of sacred music, which Saint Pius X presents both as a means of elevation of the spirit to God and as a precious aid for the faithful in the ‘active participation in the most sacred mysteries and in the solemn and public prayer of the Church’", wrote Pope John Paul II in his "chirograph" dated on the Feast of Saint Cecelia, patroness of music, November 22, 2003 and released December 3, 2003.

What Have We Done to Our Children? How Catholic children became guinea-pigs for liturgical experimentsPart III of three-part series– Children’s Liturgies -Separate Tables — The ink was barely dry on the Second Vatican Council’s Constitution on the Liturgy when reformers began experimenting with their most radical innovations — from freely altering texts to ritual dance — not on consenting adults, but on the unsuspecting school children who would become "Generation X". by Susan Benofy

Teaching the Eucharist – Two MethodsThe following appears as a sidebar to What Have We Done to Our Children? How Catholic children became guinea-pigs for liturgical experiments — Part III of three-part series– Children’s Liturgies -Separate Tables

Readers’ Forum — February 2004On Cardinal Arinze — On FDLC Addresses — Bring Chant Back — Holy Days of Obligation — Posture & Gesture — Implementing GIRM — Cleaning Altar Linens — Noisy Masses — Constant Changes — Restoring Reverence — Latin Inspires — Adoremus Unrealistic about Music — "Novus Ordo Religion" — Altar Server Resources — Bread for Mass — Adoremus, Hierarchy Should Wake up

Bibles and LectionariesWe’re combining our responses to several readers who have recently asked about Lectionaries and Bible translations with this brief summary of the current situation.


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Susan Benofy

Susan Benofy received her doctorate in physics from Saint Louis University. She was formerly Research Editor of Adoremus Bulletin.