Sep 15, 2003

Online Edition

– Vol. IX, No. 6: September 2003

Table of Contents

Catholics to Celebrate Holy Father’s Silver JubileeOctober 16, 1978 – October 16, 2003 — "Open wide the doors to Christ" Theme for Pope John Paul II’s Pontificate — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Cardinal Arinze Convenes Meeting with Bishops Translation, "inculturation", authority issues form agenda for October 21 meeting with presidents and liturgy officials of English-speaking bishops’ conferences — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

NewsCardinal Sodano Proposes Review of Post-conciliar Liturgical Reform — New CDW Secretary — Uniform Posture Important, Msgr. Moroney Tells Priests — Deconstructing Mary Magdalene — AB to Seminary Libraries

Communion by Intinction: A "New" Way of Receiving Communion in Both KindsIntinction may be unfamiliar – but would more Catholics receive the Precious Blood at Mass if this reverent method of administering it were used? Is it time to change our ways? — by Susan Benofy (Helen Hull Hitchcock contributed to this essay)

Diocesan Posture Directives Create a Stir — Adoremus RespondsCleveland’s daily paper, The Plain Dealer, reported changes in the Catholic Liturgy, August 25, 2003. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

FDLC Convention 2003: "Winds of Change, Fires of Hope"Cardinal Arinze to Keynote, Bishop Trautman to Receive Award

Musicians in Catholic Worship: Part II Where Have All the Organists Gone?by Lucy E. Carroll

Magnificent Music in MilanCathedral Choir Celebrates Sixth Centenary with Concert Series —Comments by Sandro Magister www.chiesa — Virtually a Festival of Great Sacred Music in the Duomo — by Paolo Isotta

Readers’ ForumAltered Consecration — Our Style — Abolish the Lectors — Why All the Fuss? — Bible Translations — Protestant Sacraments — Reading the Word of God — About the News — On Banishing the Soloists — Like Minds in Canada? — Latin Rite Wedding – and Wedding Hymns — Thee and Thou: The Last Word — Sign of Peace — Communion: Row-by-Row — Encyclical in AB Prompts Adoration — Grateful to AB  — AB’s Alarmist Techniques — Thrilled with St. Agnes — Come Visit — The Lingering Impact of Abuses

Feast of Saint Michael and all Archangels