Jul 15, 2003

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Online Edition – Vol. IX, No. 5: July-August 2003

Table of Contents
Holy See: People May Kneel After They Receive Holy Communion: GIRM rules on posture of the faithful should not be"regulated so rigidly"

Cardinal Francis George, of Chicago, chairman of the Bishops’ Committee of the Liturgy, submitted a dubium (question) to the Congregration for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments on May 26, 2003, concerning the longstanding practices of individuals kneeling upon returning to their places after having received Holy Communion. Cardinal Francis Arinze, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments responded on June 5, 2003, (Prot.n. 855/03/L).

ICEL Statutes: Review and Update — A set of revised statutes to govern the International Commission on English in Liturgy (ICEL), the "mixed commission" that translates official liturgical books into English, was approved by the bishops at their June meeting. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy

NewsUS to Offer Grants to Historic Churches — Blog on NPM Convention — Marier’s "Gregorian Chant Master Class" Released — Where can we get the GIRM?

Musicians in Catholic Worship: Part I — Banish the Soloists — Let the People Sing — "Musicans fulfill an important and necessary function in the sacred liturgy. But whether fully trained professionals or ardent amateurs, all must remember that the purpose of the music is to implement the liturgy, not to entertain the faithful or glorify themselves." — by Lucy E. Carroll

As Sex-abuse Controversy Continues, Conference Plans Four New DocumentsUSCCB June Meeting – Special Report

Jesuit Missionary Compiles Japanese-Latin Dictionary — "Fr. Juan V. Catret, SJ…has just published a practical Latin dictionary…"– by Paul Aklo Sawada

Readers’ ForumWhat Happened to My Hymn? — Encyclical on the Eucharist — Liturgists’ Training — Frustrations with ICEL — Invitation from All Saints Church — Support for Bishop — Kneeling "Laudably Retained" — Background Music in "Mass of Creation" — Don’t Reject Modernism out of Hand — Observations… –In Memoriam: AB Letter Writer — Music vs. Communion — Corpus Christi Is "A Big Deal" at Our Parish — Bernstein Mass



Lucy E. Carroll

Lucy Carroll, organist and choir director at the Carmelite monastery in Philadelphia, teaches at the Westminster Choir College in Princeton. She frequently contributes essays on Catholic music to AB, and is the creator of the “Churchmouse Squeaks” cartoons regularly featured in these pages. In Memoriam: Dr. Lucy E. Carroll, DMA