Jun 15, 2003

Rite of Pius V Cannot Be Considered Defunct, Cardinal says

Online Edition – Vol. IX, No. 4: June 2003

Rite of Pius V Cannot Be Considered Defunct, Cardinal says

VATICAN CITY (VIS) ­ On May 25, in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, celebrated Mass according to the Rite of Saint Pius V.

Faithful from several countries participated in the Eucharistic celebration. Before the Mass, they prayed the Glorious mysteries of the Rosary.

In his homily, Cardinal Castrillon spoke about "three figures that attract our attention as believers: Mary, the Peter of today and Saint Pius V.

"We turn to her, the Mother of God, happy to be welcomed in her house in the context of this Year of the Rosary, proclaimed by the Holy Father". In this temple, he said, "the entire life of Holy Mary is introduced into the prayerful contemplation of the believer. It is the mystery of our whole life". The president of Ecclesia Dei stressed that it was a "providential coincidence" to celebrate the Eucharist according to the Rite of Saint Pius in the place where "his mortal remains rest".

"The Rite of St. Pius V cannot be considered defunct", he emphasized, "and the authority of the Holy Father has shown his warm welcome to the faithful who continue to be united to the previous rite and who find in it valid spiritual nourishment on their path to sanctification, while recognizing the legitimacy of the Roman rite renewed according to the indications of the Vatican Council II….

"Therefore, the ancient Roman rite", he concluded, "preserves in the Church their right to citizenship in the variety of Catholic rites, Latin or Eastern".

In a letter addressed to Cardinal Castrillon, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State, conveyed to the participants in the Eucharistic celebration the pope’s gratitude for their "cordial loyalty to the Successor of Peter and prayers for the 25th anniversary of his pontificate".

Cardinal Sodano wrote, "His Holiness is spiritually united to the devoted homage to Holy Mary, asking her to intercede before her Son Jesus so that all Christians may be leaven of sanctity and of spiritual renewal in today’s world".

(Vatican Information Service)



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