Mar 15, 2003

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– Vol. IX, No. 1: March 2003

Table of Contents

"Unless the diocesan bishop determines otherwise" — Are there any limits to a bishop’s authority to change liturgical rules?by Helen Hull Hitchcock — People are confused. Are all dioceses in a given country supposed to follow the same rules for the celebration of Mass?

NewsDoctrine Committee to review outdated "devotional materials" — Liturgical progressives for preserving the status quo? — The Wind Beneath…? — Adoremus on the ‘net — ICEL on eBay Redux Redux… — Cardinal Arinze keynotes Denver Liturgy Conference

Bishop Tafoya’s rules: Legitimate variations? Agree to Disagree? — Among the several bishops who are mandating significant departures from the regulations adopted by the US bishops is Pueblo Bishop Arthur Tafoya.

Adaptations — IGMR — Excerpts

How to Heal the Liturgy to the Roots — Reviewed by Father Elias Carr — A Book Review of A Pope and a Council on the Sacred Liturgy by Aidan Nichols, OP

Questions and Answers on Changes in the MassGestures and Posture I

Readers’ Forum for March 2003Veiling Statues and Crosses during Lent — Blessings during Communion — Traditional Mass — Group Confession — Washing Feet on Holy Thursday — Music Director Search — …On Our Knees — Where’s the IGMR? — Society of Saint Pius X — Memorial Acclamation — Adoration — The Nods and Knees — Background music — Dropping a Host? — Anointing of the Sick — Greeting of peace — No Genuflecting? — Responses — Baptism invalid? — "The building itself is a city set on a hill"

John Paul II – Give Praise through the Beauty of Music — Reflection on Psalm 150