Mar 15, 2003

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– Vol. IX, No. 1: March 2003

Table of Contents

"Unless the diocesan bishop determines otherwise" — Are there any limits to a bishop’s authority to change liturgical rules?by Helen Hull Hitchcock — People are confused. Are all dioceses in a given country supposed to follow the same rules for the celebration of Mass?

NewsDoctrine Committee to review outdated "devotional materials" — Liturgical progressives for preserving the status quo? — The Wind Beneath…? — Adoremus on the ‘net — ICEL on eBay Redux Redux… — Cardinal Arinze keynotes Denver Liturgy Conference

Bishop Tafoya’s rules: Legitimate variations? Agree to Disagree? — Among the several bishops who are mandating significant departures from the regulations adopted by the US bishops is Pueblo Bishop Arthur Tafoya.

Adaptations — IGMR — Excerpts

How to Heal the Liturgy to the Roots — Reviewed by Father Elias Carr — A Book Review of A Pope and a Council on the Sacred Liturgy by Aidan Nichols, OP

Questions and Answers on Changes in the MassGestures and Posture I

Readers’ Forum for March 2003Veiling Statues and Crosses during Lent — Blessings during Communion — Traditional Mass — Group Confession — Washing Feet on Holy Thursday — Music Director Search — …On Our Knees — Where’s the IGMR? — Society of Saint Pius X — Memorial Acclamation — Adoration — The Nods and Knees — Background music — Dropping a Host? — Anointing of the Sick — Greeting of peace — No Genuflecting? — Responses — Baptism invalid? — "The building itself is a city set on a hill"

John Paul II – Give Praise through the Beauty of Music — Reflection on Psalm 150



Helen Hull Hitchcock

Helen Hull Hitchcock (1939-2014) was editor of the <em>Adoremus Bulletin</em>, which she co-founded. She was also the founding director of Women for Faith & Family and editor of its quarterly journal, Voices. She published many articles and essays in a wide range of Catholic journals, and authored and edited <em>The Politics of Prayer: Feminist Language and the Worship of God</em> (Ignatius Press 1992), a collection of essays on issues involved in translation. She contributed essays to several books, including <em>Spiritual Journeys</em>, a book of “conversion stories” (Daughters of St. Paul). Helen lectured in the US and abroad, and appeared frequently on radio and television, representing Catholic teaching on issues affecting Catholic women, families, and Catholic faith and worship.