Dec 15, 2002

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Online Edition – Vol. VIII, No. 9: December 2002 – January 2003

Table of Contents

NewsBCL Orders Huck books removed from distribution — "Catechesis" on the Liturgy varies widely in US Dioceses — New Chant CD

Worthy is the Lamb"Tropes" for the Agnus Dei are not inspired by a sudden sympathy with medieval practices, but are part of liturgists’ project of "relocation of transcendence" in the Communion Rite. — by Susan Benofy

Vatican issues Instruction on Priestly Ministry in Parishes: Priests not free to make "arbitrary adaptations" to the Liturgy, it stressesThe 40-page Instruction, dated August 4, 2002, emphasizes the "irreplacable" role of the pastor. The Instruction is largely devoted to the distinction between the roles of the priest and the lay faithful.

Cardinal Critiques ICEL Statues – Letter to member conferences cites problems with proposed revisionThe cardinal’s letter, dated October 23, 2002, says that the most recent proposal "does not yet address sufficiently the requirements of the Instruction Liturgical authenticam", the Vatican’s fifth post-conciliar Instruction, issued in 2001.

Readers’ Forum for December 2002 – January 2003Bishop’s choice — Chart confusing? — Tabernacle restored to center position — Kneeling: Ecumenical aspect ignored — Training for "Lay Presiding — Dies Irae — Prayer to Saint Michael — Bread and wine? — Here I kneel… — Adoration and betrayal — Tridentine Mass — Dropping Feast Days — Losing Tradition — Holy Communion — Lift up our Hearts — Singing for the Supper or the Sacrifice? — Moving the Sign of Peace — According to the books — Comparing Translations — Standing Clarification — Changes in our Church — Fraction Rite — Standing throughout Communion rite — Which Daily Missal? — Consecration of Hosts — More on "Double Genuflection" — Confusion on "Adaptations" — Use of choir lofts — Mass abuses — Holding hands — I have been receiving extra copies of the Adoremus Bulletin

Adoremus shows anti-ICEL Bias, South African Cardinal saysLetter to the Editor from Wilfrid Cardinal Napier, OFM – President of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

Blue for Advent?Acceptable colors for Advent

November USCCB Meeting: Bishops Approve Revised Translations, Lectionary Review; Consider Latest Proposal for New ICEL Statues

Congregation for Divine Worship Responds to:
1) Questions on Kneeling [1st letter] and Communication with the Holy See [2nd letter]

2) Ordination of Homosexuals

Solemnity of the Lord’s Epiphany



Susan Benofy

Susan Benofy received her doctorate in physics from Saint Louis University. She was formerly Research Editor of Adoremus Bulletin.