Sep 15, 2002

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– Vol. VIII, No. 6: September 2002

Table of Contents

ICEL Renewal – Sine non difficultate Britons to head episcopal board, secretariat of translation commission. — A new phase in renewing ICEL. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Influential Priest-Canonist is Abuser of Member of Bishops’ Review Board Washington Post revealed Father John Huels was Michael Bland’s abuser. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

ICEL auctioned on eBay "Extremely Rare! In fact, probably Unique!" – ICEL Sacramentary auctioned on eBay.

News Quirky: "Witch" gets okay for Catholic wedding — Quirkier: "Ordained" gals give themselves the gate — Quirkiest: Archbishop of Canterbury is a Druid — Los Angeles Cathedral Consecrated — Focus of FDLC Meeting: Eucharist and Communion

Hobgoblins Ambush ICEL, Liturgy "Conservative groups" pilloried liturgists, and American prelates used "backroom tactics" to derail liturgical reform, say former ICEL head and "progressive" weeklies — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy appears in English Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments release new directory.

The Authority of Church Documents Primer on Church documents — legislative, doctrinal (teaching) and pastoral — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Readers’ Forum for September 2002 "Personalizing" Communion — Heartbroken over new "standing norm" — Don’t use names — ICEL translators inept — NAB translators inept — New translation loses its soul — Divine Mercy — Tabernacle Placement — No "Hail Mary" after Intercessions? — Scandalized by FDLC — Is Self-Communicating an abuse? — "On a lesser note…"

Eucharistic AdorationDirectory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy excerpt on Eucharistic Adoration