May 15, 2002

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. VIII, No. 3: May 2002

Table of Contents

Pope John Paul II: Expedite English Missal Translation Vox Clara committee to assure fidelity, accuracy — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

American theologian named Undersecretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Dominican Father Augustine DiNoia

US "Norms for Communion Under Both Kinds" effective April 7

News Extreme Teen Bible — TNIV "Inclusive" Bible stirs renewed controversy — Bishops to consider new Spanish Bible translation — Confessions during Mass — Sacred Art Academy

Radical Relocation of Transcendence Changes in the Communion Rite 1977 – 2002 — by Susan Benofy

Translations and the Consultation of the Nova Vulgata of the Latin Church Congregation for Divine Worship

US Scholars Resuscitate Rejected Psalms The Revised Psalms of the New American Bible with inclusive language — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Popular devotions, pious practices, encouraged in Holy See’s new directory

The Ministerial Priesthood Explanation of Icon; Prayer for Priests — by Monsignor Anthony A. LaFemina

Lay preaching okayed, but the homily belongs to the priests

Holy See amends IGMR Kneeling after the Agnus Dei "laudably retained"

Reader’s Forum for May 2002Who is the Body of Christ? — Gospel at Communion services — More Gospel queries — Children’s Mass — Bilingual Masses — A note on lectors — Immersion fonts — Adoration chapel — Communion in the hand — Intinction protocol — Missing Link — No "blind obedience" from SSPX — Tasty — Altar girls



Susan Benofy

Susan Benofy received her doctorate in physics from Saint Louis University. She was formerly Research Editor of Adoremus Bulletin.