Mar 15, 2002

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. VIII, No. 1: March 2002

Table of Contents

Art, Image and Artists – Part II — Sacred art, inspired by faith, both reflects and informs the culture — by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Milwaukee: Cathedral of Saint John reopens after controversial renovation — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

Re-pitching the Wrecking Ball Feverish haste to remodel churches reflects radical renovation of theology — by Matthew Grantham

The Question of Altar Girls Revisited Recent Letter from the Holy See clarifies earlier ruling — by Kenneth D. Whitehead

Shades of the Seventies: "Wonder Bread" Masses "Real Food" vs "Real Presence"?; Illicit or Invalid?; Ecumenism, multiculturalism and theology. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

News What of Holy Days? | Saving Catholic Art | Spinning the GIRM | Moves is Monterey | No problem with women priest, Irish bishop says |The norm is kneeling

The Reality of the Real PresenceSome have questioned Christ’s "physical presence" in the Eucharist — what does this mean? — a theological explanation. — by Donald J. Keefe, SJ — (Text includes an excerpt from Mysterium Fidei of Paul VI, "The Physical Reality of Christ’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist", for full text see Church Documents, Mysterium Fidei)