Oct 15, 2001

Online Edition – Vol. VII, No. 7: October 2001

This issue of the Adoremus Bulletin is dedicated to those who died as a result of the attack on America of September 11, and to all those throughout the world who have been and will continue to be deeply affected by these and other acts of inhuman terrorism. Thus, our usual coverage of liturgy items is abbreviated.

Table of Contents

Confronting EvilReflection on the September 11 terrorist attacks — by James Hitchcock

"Be Strong in the Lord" — Bible quotes for reflection

Bring Back the Bells — and the Bell Tower, too — Bells are an important aspect of both the church building and the liturgy — by Michael S. Rose

On Laity and Liturgy — Letter of Cardinal Sodano to the Fifty-second National Liturgical Week — Laity in the Liturgy –What is their ministry? — by Angelo Cardinal Sodano

Holy See issues Notification on women as ordained deacons — Ordination of women is not possible — from Vatican Information Service

Lectionary Volume II approved — new books to appear next year — Update on Volume II of the revised Lectionary for Mass

Pope John Paul II — Reflections on September 11 and Reflections on Psalm 56 — from Vatican Information Service



James F. Hitchcock