Apr 15, 2001

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Online Edition – Vol. VII, No. 2: April 2001

Table of Contents

Buried Treasure Sacred Music in the Twentieth Century Liturgical Reform — by Susan Benofy — Part II of a new series on Church music in the 20th Century liturgical reform, the effort to recover Gregorian Chant and encourage active participation by the congregation through music., PDF version of all 5 parts

Why there is no Catechism in JapaneseConflict over translation has delayed publication for eight years — by Francis Mutsuo Fukushima

Look, Ma No Planner!What the experts can’t tell you about planning a liturgy

News — Theodore Marier, Gregorian Chant Expert Dies | "American Adaptations" of new Mass rules proposed | Canonist claims genuflecting is against Church law

Last Thingsby Bishop Raymond Burke



Francis Mutsuo Fukushima