Nov 15, 1999

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. V, No. 8: November 1999

Table of Contents

Bishop’s Decree Raises Questions — A decree issued by Birmingham Bishop David Foley forbidding any priest within his diocese to celebrate Mass facing the altar raises many questions. — by Helen Hull Hitchcock

EACW re-do "seriously flawed", says expert — Noted church architect Duncan Stroik critiques Domus Dei, the ninth draft of a document that may replace the controversial EACW

A Different Kind of "Hands-On" Priest"Father Fix-It" rebuilds parishes by hand in New Bedford, Massachusetts — by Penny Humphrey

[Re]turn to the East? — A young priest asks if it is time to consider a change in practice. — by Father Thomas Kocik

In the News … — Dutch Old Catholics ordain first woman "priest"; Deep Waters: "Call your pool a font"; "Gender sensitive" youth Bible to debut in St. Louis; Baptizing Kwanzaa?; Cardinal Ratzinger Stresses Mystery of Church in New Book; New guidelines for non-Catholic Communion in Rockville Centre

"More than the liberty of a translator" — Thomas Cranmer to Henry VIII on liturgical translation