Online Edition – Vol. II, No. 7: November 1996

Table of Contents

Bishops to Vote on ICEL’s Final Mass Revisions: Sacramentary Segments VII, VIII

Liturgy Forum Launched in OxfordLiturgical Reform Movement Spreads to Great Britain — by Stratford and Leonie Caldecott

From One Eucharistic Prayer to Many: How It Happened and Why* — (*Originally published in three parts, but reproduced in full here) — by Father Cassian Folsom, OSB

What is the Nature of the Liturgy? How Should We Worship?by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Liturgy Secretariat Clarifies Status of Scripture Translations — Controversial Revisions Still Not Approved for Liturgy

"Or Words to That Effect"ICEL’s Principle of "Dynamic Equivalence" Changes More Than Words — by Father Jerry Pokorsky



Stratford and Leonie Caldecott