Oct 15, 1996

Table of Contents

Online Edition – Vol. II, No. 6: October 1996

Table of Contents

Translation and Inculturation in the Catholic Church – ­ Stephen Beall

A New Way of Being Church: What Will Happen When God is "Re-imagined"? –­ Helen Hull Hitchcock

Active Participation in the Church’s Liturgy — What Did the Second Vatican Council Mean? ­ Monsignor Richard Schuler

The Oxford Declaration on Liturgy

From One Eucharistic Prayer to Many: How It Happened and Why* — (*Originally published in three parts, but reproduced in full here) ­  Father Cassian Folsom, OSB

Catholic Scholars Discuss Language Issues

"In the Presence of Angels I Will Sing Your Praise"* — The Regensburg Tradition and the Reform of the Liturgy *(Originally appeared in three parts, October through December 1996) ­ Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger



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