May 15, 1996

Table of contents

Online Edition – Vol. II, No. 3: May/June 1996

Can Bible English Be Only Half Emasculated?
‘Horizontal Language’ Game
­ Staff

The Inclusive Language Balancing Act
Ideology Threatens to Topple True Translation
­ K.D. Whitehead

Bishops Vote on More Revisions
Two New Segments of ICEL’s Revised Roman Missal
­ Staff

Cry Sanctuary!
Will Renovated Churches Have Room for Jesus?
­  Helen Hull Hitchcock

A Preview of Missal Revisions: Is ICEL’s ‘Dynamic Equivalency’ Really Equivalent?
­ Staff

Matter matters
Our Most Dangerous Heresies May be the Most Purely Spiritual
­ Irene Colligan Groot


The Editors